Broiler Contract Growers Philippines: Maximizing Profitability in Poultry Industry

The poultry industry in the Philippines continues to show growth. It has become one of the leading sources of meat and eggs in the country. Broiler production is one of the major sectors in the poultry industry. It involves the raising of broiler chickens for meat production. In line with this, the broiler contract grower system has been introduced to help small farmers maximize their income potential.

What is Broiler Contract Growing?

Broiler contract growing is a system in which small farmers enter into a contractual agreement with large companies to grow broilers. The companies provide the chicks, feed, vaccines, and technical assistance, while the growers provide the facilities and labor. The agreement usually lasts for six to eight weeks, during which the growers raise the chicks until they reach market weight. Once the broilers are sold, the growers receive a share of the profits.

Why Consider Broiler Contract Growing?

Broiler contract growing has become a popular option for small farmers who lack the infrastructure, capital, and technical expertise to run their own poultry farms. By entering into a contract with a large company, they can access the resources needed to produce quality broilers at lower costs. They also benefit from the guaranteed market and the assurance of a steady income.

Moreover, broiler contract growing is a low-risk venture. The companies provide the necessary inputs and assure the growers of technical support. This minimizes the risk of disease outbreak and other problems that may affect broiler production. The growers are also not exposed to market risks since the companies take care of marketing the broilers.

How to Be a Successful Broiler Contract Grower?

To become a successful broiler contract grower, small farmers must ensure that they have a suitable facility that can accommodate the broilers. The facility should have adequate ventilation, lighting, and good sanitation. It should also provide adequate space for the broilers to move around and exercise.

Additionally, growers should follow the recommended practices in broiler production. This includes proper feeding, vaccination, and biosecurity measures. They should also monitor the health of the broilers and report any unusual signs to the company`s technical staff.

Furthermore, broiler contract growers should maintain good communication with the company they are contracted with. This includes regular updates on the growth and health of the broilers, as well as concerns or issues that may arise during the contract period.


Broiler contract growing has opened opportunities for small farmers to participate in the poultry industry. The system provides them with access to the necessary resources and technical support to produce quality broilers at a lower cost. By considering broiler contract growing, farmers can maximize their income potential, minimize risk, and contribute to the growth of the poultry industry in the Philippines.